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Welcome to my new online home. I'm an author, speaker, and lifestyle blogger.  I speak and write about how to live a fulfilled life in the areas of faith, family, fitness, finances, and fun.

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Do You Know What It Takes to Share Your Message?

Your First Steps to Becoming a Published Author

You have a story, a message, a calling, and you can't sit on it any longer. This short video and worksheets will help you get started.

"Everything you need to walk in your calling is already inside you. Don't wait for anyone else to give you permission. You alone have the match that will ignite your fire.

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Your age doesn't matter. Your level of education doesn't matter. Whether you have licenses, certifications, diplomas or not... none of that matters. What matters is that you have something that's been tugging at your heart and it's time to release. You also know that until you begin to walk in your true purpose, you won't be completely satisfied. A dream is good, but action is better. Don't miss your opportunity.



We've all experienced what it's like to work for people who don't understand our calling. You've secretly wanted to do your own thing. You also realize that you have to sustain yourself financially. None of this happens overnight. But, can you imagine how you'll feel when you are able to do what you love and earn enough money to pay your bills, save, have some fun, and help others? It's possible and it feels great.

"Lockdown didn't stop you. It just gave you the time you needed to re-evaluate your life so you can push the reset button where needed. That means it's now 'go' time."

I Help You Write and Publish the Book That Shares Your Message With Those Who Need It Most

Your message isn't meant for everyone in the world. But, know that there's a small group of people who need exactly what you have and they've been waiting just for you.

Write Your Book


Writing the right book is more important than just putting some words down on paper. Let's write the book that you know will make the difference in their lives.

Start Your Podcast


Traditional publishing is a thing of the past. While you could go that route, you now have the opportunity to do it faster, without the publishing house pressure, and for much less.

Online Course


You want your book to get into the hands of the right people. Once you've written and published, you want to make sure that you release it in a way that gets it read.

What Others Are Saying About Our Last Author Workshop


Sonya Simpson

I contacted Ros inquiring about writing a book. Her response was "yes I will help you." She shared with us a plethora of knowledge in a short time to enhance our writing skills and encouraged us along the way. The class was timely, exciting, and I'm already motivated and looking forward to writing Volume II of my book.

My Greater is here

/ by Sonya Simpson


Pastor Darren Martin

I had never written or published a book before. Rosalind's class was wonderful! It was step-by-step, which was great since I had no publishing experience. It was interactive so I could ask questions, no matter how elementary they were. Thank you, Ros, for helping my dream of becoming a published author into a reality.

Pop's Words of Wisdom

/ by Pastor Darren Martin


Tracie Webster Radford

I participated in a group coaching class with Ros for those who wanted to write and publish their very first book. I am so thankful and grateful to God for this awesome experience. There were times I wasn't sure I'd finish, but Ros was a great coach and with her encouragement and dedication to the group, I am now a published author.

Activate Your Hair Follicles

 /by Tracie Webster Radford 

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Hi, I'm Ros
Rosalind Green

I'm an author, speaker, and teacher. I get my greatest pleasures helping people who are ready to find and walk in their purpose and calling. I want to help you do work that you love and get paid for it. If you're ready to be unapologetic for stepping into your greatness and showing up in the world the way who you are called to be, you are in the right place. I'd love to connect with you. Feel free to connect with me so we can have a chat. It will be great to see how I can help you get your message out of your belly and into the world.

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Hi! My name isRosalind GreenWelcome to my new online home. I'm an author,

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