Hi, My name is Rosalind Green

I'm an author, speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur. I love helping people write books, start blogs or podcasts, and create online courses. It's all in fulfilling my vision to see one millions lives impacted through a thousand of your messages.

I Help You Share Your Expertise and Change Lives

In a nutshell, I help you Speak, Write, and Teach Your Message to Those Who Need You Most

What I Do

I speak at conferences and seminars. I write books and blogs, and speak on stages large and small, online and off. I also provide 1:1 and small group coaching opportunities for authors, speakers and beginning entrepreneurs.

Who I Do It For

I work with women who have come to a "stuck" place in life. If you're ready to discover and start walking in what you know you're "called" to do but you're not sure how or where to start, you are my ideal person and we should connect. 

Why I Do It

I reached a point in my life where I knew there was something more. I spent years plus tens of thousands of dollars to figure out what was missing. Someone helped me and now my purpose is to give that same freedom to those I'm called to sere.


I have a very simple message. You were born with purpose. So often, life gets in the way and we never find our way back to the path we were created to travel. My message is not one to just motivate you, but to transform you from where you are to your next level. You were not meant to be stagnant, but in motion, moving toward your destiny. I give you tool,s resources and information that will leave you with actionable steps that will help to get you "there."



In my very first book, I just needed to empty out. I felt like I had been pregnant with a message for years. I would go into labor and then find myself hopping off the delivery table. Finally, one day I sat down and started typing. With each chapter, it was another big push. Birthing the Fire in Your Belly would become my "signature" message. In its simplest form, you have something to give birth to and you won't feel complete until you push it out.


Since I was a little girl, I knew that I would be a teacher. It showed up in the games we played, in my elementary school work and in the clubs I joined in high school. I went to college to become a teacher and ended up dropping out because of an unplanned pregnancy at a very early age. (I talk all about it in my book.) Not being credentialed never stopped me from sharing what I knew with whoever else wanted to know it. It's my passion and I'll never stop.


I'm on a mission to impact a million lives. I realize that's not a lot for some, but for me, that would be huge. I have a simple plan in place to see that happen. I want to help 1,000 people help 1,000. How? It happens when you write your book, start your blog, start a podcast or business that impacts others. When you're part of the thousand who reach a thousand others, we'll have impacted the lives of one million people. I invite you to join the movement... A THOUSAND TO A THOUSAND!

Rosalind Green

Author ~ Speaker ~ Teacher

Are you  ready to start transforming lives? 

Book a call with me so we can see where you are right now. Let's get clear on your purpose and how you can start moving toward it right now.

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